Retail is community specific. Tapping into the psychology of what motivates and enhances the communities buying experience, be it, perceived “needs or wants”, creates the retail opportunity. Within this understanding, the application of sound retail design experience showcases the tenants merchandise within the overall management objectives of the centre. This design methodology has been forged in both the Australian and International forums. As the Design Manager of a variety of projects, he has managed and worked with some of the leading international retail design companies, including,
RTKL, Baltimore and L,A. Offices
DI Design, Singapore and Canada
Communications Arts, Colorado, Singapore
The Rice Daubney Group, Sydney and Jakarta
King Design, Baltamore and Sydney
Peter Hansrea, Detroit and Sydney.
Parco Speciality Retailers, Japan and Singapore
Seiyu Department Stores, Japan and Singapore
This experience has given Robert a unique understanding of the pragmatic nature of the psychology of retail.


Architecture, Retail Planning, Retail Design and Interiors Design, documentation and construction advise


Keppel Land, Singapore
Parco and Seiyu Retail Groups, Japan
Shrouders, Sydney
Merlin Properties, Sydney
Woolworths, Sydney
Westfield, Sydney
Stocklands, Adelaide
The Leda Group


Passive solar design, sunshading, Ice Storage Tanks