The application of sound design intelligence to housing communities, optimises the environmental opportunities for each site while enhancing the “resident / buyer” experience. This differentiation, increases the potential for greater social and financial returns.


Architecture and Interiors Design, documentation and construction advice


Willemsen & Company, Canberra Pongrass Group, Sydney Sophios Family, Sydney Capital Land Pty. Ltd., Sydney Victorian Housing Commission NSW Housing Commission National Development Commission, Canberra Malaysian Housing Macau Housing


Merit Award for Infill Housing, Melbourne, RAIA Canberra Housing Association Awards for best Townhouse, bathrooms, kitchens.


Terrace House adaption & apartments, Sydney, 11 units Residential & commercial units, Sydney, 4 units Warehouse adaption and townhouses, Sydney, 42 units Church adaptation and townhouses, Sydney, 8 units Private Townhouse developments, Canberra, 40-60 units Urban Redevelopment Infill Housing , Victoria, 40-70 units Public Townhouse developments, Canberra, 15-25 units Public Townhouse developments, Sydney, 15 units Malaysian Housing, 300 units Macau Housing, 1000 units


Passive solar design, sunshading, independent waste and water systems, solar hot water systems